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The Backbone Organisation, headquartered in the city that harbors the most famous symbol of love, Agra embarked upon its journey to help create a compassionate, enlightened, and responsible society as a non-governmental organization and upholds its position as one of the most efficient, prestigious, and altruistic social enterprise of the city.

Back in 2018, our founders, men of zeal and substance, fuelled by the dream of living in an India where no child will sleep with an empty stomach, each individual will be literate, kind, and compassionate enough to help without hesitation and where mother nature will breathe free- with clean rivers, green streets and grounds, started this organization. In the past two and a half years, the organization has hosted several campaigns, donation drives, and awareness sessions in schools, colleges with the assistance of more than a hundred volunteers working in the most dilapidated parts of the city.

The Backbone Organization Driven by the never-diminishing zeal and force to create a sustainable, peaceful, and discrimination-free future, to steer bright individuals from all age groups into a positive direction towards creating a non-partisan, harmonious and helpful community, and to tackle various issues concerning humanity, environment and the nation in general.

The Backbone Fauz, as we call ourselves, is incessantly indulged in empowering the most disadvantaged sections of the society on the field and simultaneously spreading awareness about various social and environmental issues through its online presence.

Our campaigns range from nutritional awareness- donation drives for disadvantaged classes, menstrual health and hygiene awareness, projects for the environment- cleanliness drives and seminars, etc. In our venture, time and again we have been helped and guided by multiple popular philanthropists and humanitarian figures from across the country. The Organisation continues to work hard to achieve its aim of a better and hopeful tomorrow.

  •   02 Years In Charity     06 Project Handled      60 Staff Members

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