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United for Health and Nutrition Awareness

UHNA-“United for Health and Nutrition Awareness” is a project launched by TBO with a vision to spread awareness of good health, hygiene, and nutritious food amongst the underprivileged and needy to make them healthier and disease-free. We started off with the UHNA Hygiene drive where we held awareness sessions and fun activities at primary schools, telling students about the fore-coming coronavirus and general hygiene. Then we carried forward the campaign of UNICEF, “Periods in Pandemic” in which people shared their first experience to spread awareness under a campaign, “PadKiAtmaKatha”. We also raised awareness about Bio-Enzymes, where we spread information and benefits of Bio-Enzymes as home cleaners and air purifiers, wherein we not only did run an online campaign but also encouraged people on the ground to make and use it. We also ran a milk donation drive in the light of UHNA to provide more than 1000L of milk to underprivileged young children in more than 12 drives. We also organized NutriTalk, wherein eminent speakers were invited and they presented a session on the importance of nutrition in daily life, we held sessions online and through live interaction sessions. Other than that, this UHNA also ran “M-EN-S” which stands for Menstrual Environment Sustainability aimed at breaking menstrual stereotypes, spreading awareness about menstruation, and breaking its stigma. Wherein we also spread information about the environmental sustainability of menstrual products, for which we ran an extensive online run for “Plastic Free Periods”, shifting focus from usual pads to menstrual cups and eco-friendly cups. Along with these, we also observed “The Breastfeeding Week” and “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. Thus making our vision towards health and hygiene a reality

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