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“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” ―H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Standing by these words The Backbone Organization yet another time stood up to help the needy. While the corona is having adverse effects on few people, TBO has taken an initiative called “ZAROORAT”. Under this initiative, we thrive to feed the people who were deprived of their daily wages and were struck in a financial crisis even to feed the family due to the pandemic. Striking off hunger and feeding the needy with all they can provide, is what withholds “Zaroorat”.

The initiative “Zaroorat” wherein a package of daily essentials needed for cooking are provided to the families of the local area. The package includes 1 ltr cooking oil, 2 kgs of wheat flour, rice, dal, sugar, tea, salt, and basic spices. A package is enough to feed a family until further arrangements. The packages are packaged and delivered under the supervision of the heads and volunteers.

The Backbone Wants Everyone To Wear What They Want. They Were Not Able To Get New Clothes For The Needy Ones But At Least Gathered Some Comfortable Garbs To Satisfy Their Wants. Many Wells To Do Families Came Forward And Donated Amiably In The 'Clothes Donation Drive' Managed By The Backbone Organization. The Great Compassion And Generosity Shown By The City People Proved To Be Good News For The Underprivileged' Empty Wardrobes.

From The Early Ages, Clothes Have Been Counted Among The Basic Amenities For A Respectful Living. The Backbone Army Wants To Make A Common Routine, But One That Is Not Overlooked, That Charity, Should Be Worshipped In Every Family. Each Kid Should Search For Items, Toys, And Clothes That They No Longer Use And Contribute Them To Fulfil Someone's Desires.

They Have Provided A Platform To Express Their Opinions To Many Till Date, Under Their Leadership, Many Have Discovered Their Talent And Now Performing Their Best. Remember, That The Clothes Hanging Carelessly In Your Closet Can Be Made To Fill Someone's Empty Drawers.

This is a time where we stand with humanity and be generous to donate and provide the essentials. TBO sets an example for others to step up and help them to reach more people.

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