21, Gauri kunj, Gailana road, Agra-282007

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The backbone organisation as a team of activists holds a vision to better the conditions of the vulnerable nature in their city Agra and India. The team has been actively looking after nearly all the social causes that are responsible for the drastic condition of nature. We, the team members of TBO as responsible citizens of our country have pledged to make it beautiful and green and revive its natural beauty as soon as possible. We hope to see a cleaner and healthier India lately by 2024.


Initiated by a youth mob, the team has targeted to pay every duty towards encouraging the youth of city to become aware of the hot topics and environment around them. The team is moving on with a goal to abolish every environmental problem in and out of the city. To sympathize with the country's development, The backbone organisation provides a platform to initiate a spark in the youth to identify and showcase their talents.


The backbone organisation aims at cultivating a desire to save the environment in maximum people irrespective of their caste, region, class and creed. 'Sustainable environment' is their only dream, they promote judicial use of water and other important non-renewable resources. These primary level notes are taught to everyone but unfortunately only some think to work over them, so give your share and join this movement against negligence to save mother Earth!

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