21, Gauri kunj, Gailana road, Agra-282007

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The Zaroorishala campaign was launched to provide education to the disadvantaged children of our society. Starting with a single locality, today we have four different centers working to provide the best education possible. We acquainted the kids with basic concepts of Mathematics, science, and language, along with social skills, hygiene education, and personal safety education.

With our best, volunteer teachers, coming from different domains to provide with what they are experts. Our teachers are equipped with all the items necessary to make the learning clear sailing, impacting, and lifelong.

Today we have four centers, working at their superlative potential to provide education to the kids. With the endeavor to make the learning more riveting, we are looking forward to handcraft books and study materials for the students and we are already catering stationery so that in every face, learning goes on.

With the intent of igniting the interest of kids to study, we are striving to make our campaign more involving, increasing our centers and increasing our overall reach.

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