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What Could Be More Blissful And Overwhelming Than Flushing Off The Tears Of Desperation From Starving Eyes And Filling Up An Empty Stomach By Your Sincere Actions. The Backbone Organisation Intensively Pays Attention To Their Responsibilities And Aims At Conquering Hunger.

Their Dream Is To See That No Child In The City Goes To Bed Hungry, Certainly Not In A Country Like India, Which Is Astonishingly Plenteous Land.

They Learned The Value Of Food And Realized That Nothing But Leftover Can Be A Piteous' Original Diet.

Over The Years, Due To Industrialisation And Globalisation, The Public Of Agra And India Has Witnessed Several Changes In Taj And Its Quality! But To Eliminate A Curse On Humanity Like Hunger They Definitely Needed Widespread Support. The Cordial People Of The City Too Participated Actively And Supported In The Best Way They Could For A Successful Food Drive.

Food Acts As A Medicine For A Stressed Mind And Replenishes Freedom In One's Spirit. It Comes As A Blessing, A Humble Blessing, To Become A Part In Someone's Hunger.

We Don't Value The Things That We Already Have And Keep On Investing In Their Relentless Wastage. And When We Find Less On Our Plate, We Realize The Value Of Food As Our Salient Resource. Hunger Claims Millions Of Victims Each Year And Now It's High Time To Fight Back And Win Over The War Against This Deadly Weapon Of Mass Destruction.

This World Is Full Of Hungry People, That Even God Cannot Appear To Help Them, But Our Bread Can!

We Can Do Better, We Have To!

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