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The Backbone Organization Is A NGO Based And Actively Working In The Taj City Of India, Agra Against Various Environmental Issues Generated Through Global Warming, Fuelled Up By The Negligience Of Humans Towards Nature And Flourishing Through Our Negative Actions Towards It.

The Establishment Of The City Dates Back To Pre-Mughal Era Which Has Seen Many A Transitions Since Then, Be It Industrial Or Environmental Large Changes Have Never Been Too Good And Useful. Geographically, Agra Is Situated Near The Banks Of River Yamuna Which Is The Only Source Of Water In And Around The City And It Also Holds The Foundation Of The Taj Mahal, Thus Its Importance In This Regard Is Highly Appreciable. But Its Pathetic Condition In Contrast Is A Curse To The People Of Agra And The Like Which Has Been Realised Lately By The Members Of The Backbone Organisation.

Though The Backbone Fauz Is Not The Only One To Bring This Problem Into Consideration In The Recent Years But It Is Surely The Only One To Gather A Major Number Of Young Crowd Of The City For Cleansing Of River Yamuna In Different Parts Of The City.

Since The Taj Mahal Is The Centre Of Attraction For The Whole World And Daily, A Large Number Of Tourists Visit India And Agra Just For Experiencing The Taj, It Has A Major Contribution In Indian Economy Thus It Becomes A Major Issue To Concern Over!

Over The Years, Due To Industrialisation And Globalisation, The Public Of Agra And India Has Witnessed Several Changes In Taj And Its Quality!

We, The People Of This Country And Proud Members Of The Backbone Organisation Have Pledged To Take Over This Issue And Resolve This Problem From Its Roots In Coming Years Which We Count In As The Vision 2024.

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